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Cast into the depths of a deep forest ravine - do you have what it takes to find the way out?

We are happy to announce AEIO – a thrilling 3rd person adventure, taking place in a detailed, hand-crafted world. Explore nature, ride the wind with the help of your feather and escape the clutches of a terrifying creature hell bent on capturing you.

AEIO is a student project that was developed with the Unreal Engine 4 at the Games Academy Berlin within 8 weeks by a 18-persons team called Leafblower Studio.

The release of AEIO is planned for February 12th and it will be available for free on itch.io. We’re looking forward to the release and are happy about any comments and reviews!


Genre: 3D Adventure Game
Engine: UE4
Camera Perspective: 3rd Person
Art Style: Stylized, atmospheric world
Platform: PC
Controls: Keyboard + Mouse, Xbox Gamepad



  • Calixtus Ulbricht
  • James Ferreira Monteiro
  • Janik Nissen
  • Josefina Benz


  • Vincent Wapsa
  • Elisabeth Kaske
  • Gideon Breu
  • Hannah Goral
  • Isabel Verheyen
  • Mona Fuchs
  • René Rittmann
  • Tobias Pastrik


  • Cenk Melzer
  • Daniel Stiber
  • Florian Weiss
  • Kay Hennig
  • Marcel Pospiech
  • Ricardo Biolchini


AEIOSetup.exe 326 MB


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amazing. beautiful design


like it nice adventure


A recurring game?

Great game. Awesome visuals.

Thank you very much. We are very happy you enjoyed our little adventure. ;)